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  • Traditional server or computer-based email systems download ALL your email addresses, passing it through a spam/anti-virus filter on your computer. This is a waste of bandwidth usage (downloading spam email) and, even worse, exposes you to the additional risk of having spam and virus-infected e-mails get closer to your data files on your computer hard drives? So why do you need to seriously consider using Google Mail for all your office needs? - Complete office mobility - via any browser, access to your email, documents, images, chat - Access anywhere, anytime through any email address browser - No backups required of email, office documents, or contacts - Manage multiple user profiles and email accounts in one convenient place - Includes Anti-Spam and Anti-virus checking away from your PC, Laptop or Server - Gmail Free Unlimited file space - Next to No Mail Administration. Gmail is the perfect Mobile Office Utility for Small Medium and Enterprise email address businesses. Google Mail Cloud Computing environment will allow you to focus on your business operations and growth.

    Implementing the Gmail in-the-cloud computing model for your email security and compliance makes a whole lot of sense in the world of online business, email list building is the process of developing a database of people's email addresses who have an interest in your business and are willing to consider buying from you. So how do you build a customer list? Here are 5 easy steps to follow. 1. Start With An Email Autoresponder. You need reliable email address autoresponder software when you're building a customer list. An autoresponder can automatically send potential customers a sequence of pre-written emails when they subscribe to your list. It will keep a record of who you send it to, the subject line, the text email address within the email, open rates, click-through rates, and how many messages you have sent.

    Put An Opt-in Form On Your Website. Your email list-building strategy starts with an opt-in form. This is a form that can easily be created by your autoresponder software. You position the opt-in on your website so that your website visitors can see it and insert their email addresses. You only need to ask for their email address as at this stage, as the more details you ask for, the less likely people will be to provide you their information. 3. Offer Something Of Value For Free. To encourage somebody to provide you with their email address, you will need to offer something of value in return. This is how to build your list. Keep in mind that what you give away for free will reflect back on the quality of the products and services that you sell.

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