Special Report - Converting Leads To Sales

  • For all types of industries, converting potential customers (also known as leads) Mexico Phone Number List to sales is the engine that generates actual profit for the company. Unfortunately, many companies fail simply because they do not understand or apply the sales process. To ensure you have the best chance of converting leads to sales, it is important to master the different stages of the sales process, to address proper Mexico Phone Number List ways of qualifying, identifying, and understanding the sales cycle, and to maintain a contact database to continue expanding the business. Marketing versus Sales Mexico Phone Number List .

    Many business people are Mexico Phone Number List confused about marketing and sales. Where does one stop and the other one start? It's most useful to think of marketing as a lead generator and sales as a customer creator. Marketing keeps your message in front of your buying audience, characterizes your company and it offerings, and creates awareness and interest in your market. Sales receives the benefit of marketing's success in the form of leads that can be taken through the sales process to a closed deal Mexico Phone Number List .

    Marketing does not directly generate revenues like sales does. It does however, facilitate sales and can shorten the time it takes for leads to turn into customers.

    Another distinction Mexico Phone Number List has a time component. Marketing is a long term proposition, with results measured over several months, quarters, or years. Sales results are measured in much smaller increments, and salespeople tend to be focused very much in the present.

    This time difference may contribute to a mistake that many companies make: neglecting or under-utilizing marketing Mexico Phone Number List . Because marketing does not directly generate revenues and requires time to demonstrate results, many business owners don't make sufficient investment in marketing activities. Instead, they focus almost exclusively on sales. This is a very short-sighted approach, and can make the sales process Mexico Phone Number List difficult to manage. Without the benefit of a consistent, ever-present marketing message accessible to the buying audience, sales has to work harder to get prospects' attention and take more time to close a sale.

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