ZoomText 10.1 Release

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    Wir haben heute die Infos zum Release von ZoomText 10.1 International erhalten.
    This version, 10.1.1, supports 17 languages, adds back Desktop Finder and View Mode, includes support for Windows 8 Hiberboot and fixes a variety of bugs
    Czech, Japanese (Magnifier only), Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese: Brazil, French, Portuguese: Portugal, German, Slovak, Hungarian, Spanish, Icelandic, Swedish, Italian

    Die in letzter Zeit versandten Seriennummern mit Schema xxxx-1xxxxx-xxx sind alle für ZoomText (also nicht die Version der CD 10.0F, aber zB. Download für Win7) und 10.1 (Win8 ) tauglich. Die Lieferung von USB-Sticks und CD's erwarten wir in ca. 2 Wochen.

    Die Release-Notes sind auf: http://www.aisquared.com/support/more/release_notes#10.1

    Der Direktlink für 10.1: http://liveupdate.zoomtext.com…large-inter_10.1.1.91.exe
    Der Direktlink auf die aktuellste 10.0: http://liveupdate.zoomtext.com/ZT_large-en_10.0.8.90.exe

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    ZoomText 10.1.1 is Released!
    We're excited to announce that the first free update in the ZoomText 10.1 for Windows 8 cycle is here. We now support 17 international languages, added back in a few features like Desktop Finder and View Mode, included support for Windows 8 Hiberboot, plus fixed a variety of bugs.
    Already own version 10.1 for Windows 8? Then this is a free update for you! If you've got ZoomText set to download updates automatically, you're good to go - the next time you launch ZoomText it will install the update for you. Otherwise, just go to the Help menu and choose "Check for Program Updates...".
    If you don't own version 10.1 yet and would like to, call us at (800) 859-0270 or (802) 362-3612 option #2 or you can go online and contact your local dealer. Feel free to reply to this email with any questions that you have - Becca will be happy to help you.
    Read more about 10.1, read the release notes, or download a free 60-day trial to give it a try yourself.

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